The Nextrient Process

At the beginning of our existence, we made the conscious decision to create professional-grade products and offer them directly to consumers. The process is very detailed, with planning, research and a considerable amount of professional effort. In our product creation process we focus on several key areas. Let’s briefly take a look at each.

Product Idea

Our product ideas come from a variety of sources, but mostly from a combination of our teams' extensive experience, scientific studies and the needs of the consumer in the current nutritional market. The products often revolve around a few unique ingredients that have new, emerging and compelling evidence.

When we conceptualize a product based on a few candidate ingredients, it’s important that we have a goal in mind. The goals often come down to creating positive change in a specific biological processes within the body. Do we want to promote the body's ability to create collagen in the skin? Improve dopamine signaling in the brain? Support joint health?

After selecting a group of promising nutrients in a specific category, we move to the next steps in the process.

Detailed Analysis

Market Research

After we define a goal for our new product, we look at similar products in the marketplace. Is anyone else using our candidate ingredients in the same ways we’re wanting to? If the marketplace looks accepting to a new product with the goal we have envisioned, we’ll move forward.

Domain Research

We start our scientific investigation at a high level, gathering basic research and evidence on the general topic. If the topic is a skin improvement supplement, for instance, we leverage information about the science of skin and skincare products.

Nutrient Research

After gathering the foundational information necessary, we begin to drill down into the particulars of the ingredients and how they affect the body. Every nutrient affects the body in multiple ways. We build an understanding of this process as well as the interactions between ingredients.



After we have an abundance of information on each candidate ingredient, we work with top-grade raw material providers and manufacturers to craft our formula. Formulation is a process that is influenced by a number of things including raw material availability, ingredient compatibility, and pill size/volume restrictions.


Once the formula is finalized, we move forward with production. During this time, we’re also finalizing branding. This includes picking product name, writing supporting educational information, filming videos, and more.

Quality Control

During the entire process, from selection of ingredients through the end of production, we work with experts to verify the safety, quality and purity of the products. We need to know that our product has the ingredients present at the proper levels. Likewise, we test for heavy metals, pathogens, and other contaminants.


Pilot Program

Once we have a product finalized, we often run pilot programs with our new products with a select group of users. These users assist us by giving feedback prior to a public launch, so that we can adequately set your expectations based on results others have had. This also helps us finalize educational information, blogs, videos, promotional information, etc.

Full Launch

The culmination of this process is a full public launch, complete with a rollout of educational information.