Nextrient Recovery Pack

Enhanced Healing — Ideal Results

Nextrient Recovery supercharges your body with the finest, research-proven, scientifically-backed nutrients to boost your body’s natural ability to heal.*

Benefits Include:

  • Naturally nourishes the body’s proteins*
  • Decreases bruising and swelling*
  • Enhances connective tissue formation*
  • Accelerates healing response after surgery and injury*

Use Nextrient Recovery for great results!*

Nextrient Recovery — A Higher Standard

The key to remarkable health and performance is an exceptional recovery from injury and surgery. This process is active and complex. Too often, critical nutrients are not available to support the body’s needs during the recovery process. Insufficient nutrients can lead to prolonged recovery with less than optimal results.

During healing, your body craves elevated levels of vital nutritional elements. These nutrients are often not found at optimal levels in food and some only perform best when consumed on an empty stomach. By providing hand-selected, evidence-based nutrients at specific times, Nextrient Recovery is tailor-made to enable your body to heal faster and more completely.*

Formulated by doctors, Nextrient Recovery is based on results from hundreds of peer-reviewed research articles. The science is clear: specifically balanced, high-quality nutrients, like those found in Nextrient Recovery, improve the healing experience for all types of surgeries and injuries.

Healing with Nextrient Recovery

Nextrient created Recovery to support the scientifically-validated healing phases that your body goes through during your recovery process.

Recovery’s Actions During the Healing Process:

  • Manages healthy inflammation for reduced bruising and swelling through a unique blend of proteolytic enzymes, vitamins and minerals.*
  • Enhances tissue recovery through high-potency silicon, vitamin C, copper and zinc.*
  • Gets your body feeling it’s best with nutrients supporting the completion of the recovery process.*