Nextrient Rejuvenator and Collagen’s popularity

Collagen products are very popular today, and with so many choices it’s fair to ask, “what makes Rejuvenator unique?”  To answer that, it’s first worth mentioning what collagen is, and why it’s such a popular topic in so many conversations.

Definitions for collagen can be found all over the web, and most cover the same crucial information.  For this conversation, I’m using James McIntosh’s article on Medical News Today. He describes it as, “It is the substance that holds the body together. Collagen forms a scaffold to provide strength and structure… [it] is the most abundant protein in the human body, found in the bones, muscles, skin, and tendons.,” As McIntosh says, collagen is a crucial protein that forms various structures and tissues in our bodies.  It varies in forms from rigid to soft.  It can be clear, as it is in our eyes; or opaque, like when it’s forming bones and teeth.   So, you can see–it’s a popular topic because it plays such a wide-spread and essential role in our bodies.

Collagen from our Food

Most of us get our collagen from our carnivorous tendencies.  For those who eat meat, it is present in most of the meals we consume.  The animal-connection creates a challenge for our friends, loved ones and family members who follow a vegan approach to eating (which we’ll explore more in future posts).  For those that practice an omnivorous diet, you might still have a collagen challenge.

Collagen Loss

Regardless of collagen’s availability in our diet, we may not have enough available for our bodies to use.  As McIntosh explains in his article, environmental exposures such as sunlight, smoking, sugar consumption and aging all impact the availability or breakdown the collagen in our bodies.    Because of these factors—no matter our age–our bodies may benefit from some help in collagen synthesis.  This is where Rejuvenator shines, by helping your body to increase the production of collagen.

A Different Product

Nextrient’s Rejuvenator is different.  It doesn’t contain collagen—it’s vegan-friendly—and it helps everyone regardless of diet preference.  It’s unique amongst other collagen-related products on the market.  The ingredients in Rejuvenator have been called “advanced collagen generator[s]” by industry leaders and developers.   Rejuvenator takes the components you already have in your diet and optimizes your body’s own creation of collagen.  So, whether you’re a Vegan, a Paleo, a Mediterranean dieter, or just an all-around Omnivore, Rejuvenator will help you make better and more collagen.

If you’d like to learn more about Nextrient’s Rejuvenator, click here.



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